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Alice Yanga, Senior Agent, has years of experience in obtaining work permits and special visas for foreigners. She will take your call for help and smooth the path to gaining the immigration documents you need.

Hello, I'm Alice

I am the Senior Agent at Mandel Investments Ltd, a National family owned and run business that is one of the oldest and most trusted in the immigration field.

We have been providing confidential, trustworthy services dealing with PNG entry visas, work permits, PNG passports and foreign visas for companies, NGOs, groups, and individuals for twenty-four years.

Call us today on +675 325 0336 or 7168 3871 to discuss your needs in these fields and how we can help you most economically.

Foreigners need work permits and special visas

All foreigners who want to work in Papua New Guinea or live here for an extended period beyond the usual tourist visa need to meet special entry conditions. For work, you must have a work permit plus the associated entry permit/visa, and for other purposes, you need a special visa.

Correctly satisfying all the requirements for these can be a complex task for those who do not fully understand the regulations and know their way around the bureaucratic maze.

That's where we come in. We are specialists in this field. We work with work permits and special visas all day, every day. We know what to lodge, where to lodge, when to lodge, and most importantly, when to collect on your behalf so you get the documents you want when you want them -- quickly!

We are Registered Agents for work permits

We are Registered Agents with the PNG Department of Labour.

This is vitally important to you because it means the Department will accept us as your official representative in making and servicing your Work Permit application(s).

The Labour Department will not accept any application on your behalf from people who are not registered agents. Beware! Such people are likely to make costly mistakes, incur extra costs by paying a fee to work through a Registered Agent, or even defraud you outright.

PNG Passports

Papua New Guinea citizens need passports and visas to travel overseas. This is an area where we can help too. We know the requirements and we understand the system so we can ensure you get your PNG Passport and the necessary visas for overseas travel as speedily as possible.

Fair fees because we are expert work permit and visa agents

We will quote you a fair fee to get the job done for you as your agent. Our fees are competitive because we are experts; you pay us for doing the job, not for spending time fruitlessly groping around in the dark making mistakes and possibly even invalidating your applications.

Call us today, talk to us about the scope of the job you want done, and we will quote you a fair price for it and be ready to take the job in hand as soon as you are ready to go.

Call us for the travel documents you need to travel from there to here and from here to there!

The work permits, passports, and visas Mandel Investments helps you obtain provide you with the ability to enter and enjoy Papua New Guinea life or to travel overseas to the destinations of your choice.